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Fate Magazine is a U.S. magazine about paranormal phenomena. Fate was co-founded in 1948 by Raymond A. Palmer (editor of Amazing Stories) and Curtis Fuller. Fate magazine is the longest-running magazine devoted to the paranormal. Promoted as “the world’s leading magazine of the paranormal”, it has published expert opinions and personal experiences relating to UFOs, psychic abilities, ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, divination methods, belief in the survival of personality after death, Fortean phenomena, predictive dreams, mental telepathy, archaeology, warnings of death, and other paranormal topics. Fate  Radio brings these subjects into the realm of broadcast radio with interviews by Kat Hobson


About Host Kat Hobson


Chances are you'll find her in a desperate family's home, working to find answers and solutions for them to unusual happenings that have caused fear. Or exploring abandoned locations (with permission of course!) with known paranormal activity seeking documentation and the cause of the experiences. Or perhaps in an old jail or hospital, a lighthouse or even a fort that has seen centuries of use interacting with the spirits that remain there to tell their stories.  

Kat Hobson is a paranormal investigator with over a decade of work in the field, although she has had experiences her entire life. She uses her gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance, empathy and healing to help others. She feels that, when blessed with these particular gifts and skill-sets one should use them to bring peace to the living and the dead alike. She has often been called a spiritual counselor, helping the dead to have a voice, helping them to find healing as well.

Kat Hobson's appearances in the Media


Radio: Before founding her own radio network, WBHM-DB, Kat's radio career began with her show Paranormal Experienced appearing on the Paranormal King Radio Network. She shortly moved her show to WCJV-DB in order to better focus on her guests and their histories and experiences thanks to their wonderful production team. Kat loved being there until learning the network would be shutting down. After joining Let's Talk Radio she opted to begin WBHM-DB Birmingham, Alabama. 

Kat has been featured on Coast to Coast AM Radio, guested on Detroit Unplugged, Paranormalities and Ponderings, Dead Zone Paranormal Radio Show, The Paranormal Pride, Half Past Dead Radio and the Beyond the Grave YouTube show. Each has been a valuable opportunity to share her experiences in the field and learn from other hosts.

Kat is a trained paralegal who brings those skills to her research and review. She is currently the owner and general manager of WBHM-DB, Birmingham Alabama & continues as host of Paranormal Experienced Radio as well as the Voice of Fate Magazine Radio. 

Public Speaking: Because of the reputation Kat enjoys along with her paranormal teams Spirit Communications and Research of Alabama (SCARE) founded by Kim Johnston and Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations and Research (CASPIR) founded by Frank Lee within her paranormal community, Kat has been fortunate enough to speak at events as well as enjoy opportunities to be a panelist. She greatly enjoys learning from those experiences.


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